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This Rutgers University Research Data Repository has been developed to be a streamlined resource to allow researchers to upload their archival research data sets along with textual descriptive information such as the software used, file attributes and information about data variables. This service is available now for data archival. The basic service it provides is a way to upload a file of any type (e.g., a compressed archive) and receive a permanent URL that may be included in a publication or given to others such as The data stored is here is centrally maintained and backed up. Contact Aletia Morgan at for assistance with the Rutgers University Research Data Repository.

Rutgers University Libraries Community Repository (RUCORE) offers a repository of digital research and educational materials created and used by the University community and its strategic collaborators. The goal of the Rutgers University Community Repository is to advance research and learning at Rutgers, to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and to contribute to the development of new knowledge through the archiving, preservation, and presentation of digital resources. Original research products including data and publications will be permanently preserved and made accessible with tools developed to facilitate and encourage their continued use. The RUCORE system is being enhanced to improve the ease of archiving and searching for research generated data sets. Importantly, RUCORE staff can assist researchers with the creation of appropriate metadata. The RUCORE Staff can be contacted at

The relationship between these two resources is that the Rutgers Research Data Repository is a quick simple way to archive any file. RUCORE is a more sophisticated system than Rutgers University Research Data Repository with metadata, semantic interoperability and access control, but does not yet support direct deposit or upload from a faculty computer or server.